Where To Watch Lesbian Porn Videos

In the great frontier of western Internet porn video browsing, there’s a choice of a new generation that is increasingly popular: The lesbian video. A lot of different factors come together to make this a top choice:

  • Some guys just don’t want to look at dudes.
  • Some gals find girl-on-girl hot even if they’re only bi-curious themselves.
  • Strapon lesbian porn is more experimental. More kinks, exotic fetishes, and BDSM couples.
  • Lesbian and Bi women watch porn too.


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Don’t underestimate the power of a kinky lesbian couple. Guys and straight gals tend to have a lower threshold. Submissive lesbians have a “machisma” factor going on where they have a need to prove how tough they are. Look for a Dom at your next kinky play party demonstrating something edgy and a little bit scary, like needle or fireplay, and watch when he asks for volunteers. A lesbian sub will hop right up because she’s never tried it before. They’re the Evel Knievels of the sub world.

Another popular kind of lesbian porn is MILF Lesbian videos. Like with kinky amateurs, a more mature lesbian has “seen it all” and will tackle the more depraved categories of porn without a blink. Why be inhibited at this point?

A common playground for Lesbian porn is XNXX.com, just because they embraced the wave early. The PornHub network, including YouPorn, has a huge Lesbian section on each of its sites. XHamster and XVideos also have a stake, since camming pays well there and they’re both more senior sites that also became home to Lesbian couples online. As a rule, those that record and post videos for fun / profit prefer to find one stable platform and settle down there, rather than flit around.

If you thought this was a closeted subject, no less than Huffington Post has published articles asking “Why So Many Straight Women Watch Lesbian Porn.” One interviewee was squeeing that she searches for MILF and amateur Lesbian categories because she’s not looking for fake supermodels that look like blown-up Barbie dolls, but natural women that look real, “like they could be moms.”

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It’s true that straight women pursue Lesbian porn because they want to fantasize about what it might be like to be with another woman, no matter how reluctant they’ll be to brook that particular threshold in real life.

But even if they’re not the least bit curious about visiting the other side of town, straight women have another reason to watch Lesbian porn: It shows women getting off. Watch porn with men in it, and it’s going to be all about the guys – which, let’s be real, are about as complicated as a matchstick. Women, on the other hand, have to train themselves to get off, and some are unable to get off from pure intercourse, so they need refresher in oral, masturbation, and other girl-friendly orgasmic instruction.


Guys, you should pay attention here too. Girl-on-girl shows how to please girls. Once you know what gets your own rocks off, you’re set to learn a trick or two from Lesbians. Not just what they do, but how they do it, how fast a pace they go, how hard or lightly they touch, and other points of technique.


By the way, the scissoring thing? It makes hot foreplay, but most Lesbians seldom get off just from that alone. Add a vibrator to the mix, however, and that’s a new game altogether.